i know You’re up there seeing
as my life crumbles before my eyes
i know You’re close and aware
as my burdens break my bones

sometimes I wish You’d just
kun-fa-yakun me out of my distress
but then i realize
that i’m here for a test

but in my pain have i
questioned Your mercy
and in my loss have i
ignored Your bounty

so dear Lord let not
the pillars of my faith fail
and make me not feel entitled
even when You bless

and as You take away my loved
let my heart not quiver in agony
but give me the patience to concede
that nobody in life is forever mine

and when i transgress
give me the strength to forgive myself
and do good to those that i wrong
and let not guilt toss me into a dark abyss

and give me the courage
to face pain in the eye
so that You may open my eyes
to the wisdom in Your tests

so let my sorrows be the kindling
in the hearth that reforge my bones
and let it burn away the stains
that my heart has caught

and let my faith in You
be the cloth that dry my eyes
let it keep my heart at ease
and till its time steadfast on You